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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How "Amazing" Will 'Spider Man' Really Be?

     Spider Man is one of the most recognizable characters in pop culture. Comics, TV shows and cartoons, toys and merchandise, soundtracks, a theme park attraction, a broadway musical, books, board and video games, and of course movies. The three Spider Man movies that have been released have grossed $2.5 billion and they were #1, #2, and #1 in their respective years. Spider Man 4 was in the works, but after turmoil in production, the movie was cancelled in early 2010. Of course this is Spider Man, and Sony, who owns the rights to the movies, wasnt going to just let this property sit, so they decided to reboot the series instead.
     The Amazing Spider Man, which is released July 3, has a new cast, new characters, new tone, semi new story, new costume, new soundtrack, new director, new crew, and new technology as this was filmed in 3D. With less than two months until release, Sony has vamped up marketing; three trailers, with one more coming, a four minute preview in last nights Americas Got Talent, posters, commercials, and merchandise; im sure a BK kids meal tie in is also coming.
     Now to me personally, everything i've seen so far about The Amazing Spider Man has been pretty great. Spider Man has been my favorite character since I was 8 years old and it will be hard for that to change. Most of the critism that TASM is getting is the fact that this is getting rebooted only 10 years after the first film. Yes this is a reboot, but like I said, there are many differences between this and Sam Raimi's Spider Man. The difference may not be as noticable as Batman and Robin to Batman Begins, but you will notice it. The reboot personally does not bother me, I just want to see Spider Man on the big screen, and judging by early news, Spider Man 4 didnt sound so great; Amazing Spider Man "refreshes" the franchise in a way.
     Most predictions I have seen for this movie have been under $300 million domestically (US and Canada), but I have faith that this movie can score over that. It is being released on the Tuesday before Independence weekend, which is one of the most lucrative weekends of the year to movie studios. Spider Man 2, Transformers 1 and 3, Independence Day, Twilight 3, War of the Worlds, and Hancock have all found success on this weekend. Disney's marketing for Avengers was A+ and if Sony can have a similar effect then awarness and interest for TASM will rise; also this is Spider Man! People will go check this out just to check it out; he has a fanbase of millions and he is one of the most family friendly superheroes. Also 3D will give this movie a boost, and the fact that it was shot in 3D and Spider Man does a lot of acrobatics, 3D reception could be very positive. TASM's success may be cut short because of the release of The Dark Knight Rises on the 20th of July, but I am sure TASM will not drop off the earth and will still have enough steam to push on pass $300 million, reboot or no reboot; we shall see come July. The way box office works, the chances of Amazing Spider Man making as much and having as high of attendance as the movies of the original triliogy is miniscule to none domestically, but it still should be a success in its own right, especially worldwide, kicking off the new series. The Amazing Spider Man 2 is also set for May 2014.
     Here are links for the second trailer, the latest trailer, the 4 minute preview, new images, and the Lizard featurette. The Amazing Spider Man is released late June in 4 countries, and beginning July 3 worldwide.

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