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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Much Can The 'Avengers' Assemble?

Marvels Avengers is hitting theaters in North America and 42 other markets in 6 days, and it has already been released in various countries in the eastern hemisphere, and those openings have been massive. Avengers is smashing records in Australia, where it opened 214% higher than Iron Man 2 and in Australia, Phillipines, and Argentina it has bungeed to second biggest all time opening. The UK is where it scored the third highest opening day ever. In New Zealand and Taiwan, it managed the biggest opening day ever. All together it has so far earned $36 million overseas. The Avengers features Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury; the latter three do not have their own movies, though Black Widow was a big part of Iron Man 2. Anticipation and buzz has been escalating tremendously lately, mainly thanks in part to Disney's marketing campaign. I have seen and heard ads for Avengers on candy wrappers, the radio, TV commercials, cardboard cutouts, the internet, soda bottles, I mean everywhere. Another good thing for Avengers is that it is also gaining a lot of female interest. Females make up 51% of America, so its pretty important to get them in the theater, and eventhough Avengers is an explosion filled, violence present, anti romantic spectacle, I have conversed with many girls that cant wait till May 4, and whats even better is the that the ones I have talked to want to go because its The Avengers, not because they think Chris Hemsworth is "hot." Also families will play a big role; Disney is making its name present, the characters are colorful and known with kids, and the violence and tone wont be too graphic or dark for younger kids. The movie is also sitting at 97% and 8.1/10 on RT, and critics are saying this one of the top of the line superhero flicks theyve seen, ever. With only 55 reviews in so far, those numbers may go up, go down, or stall come opening day; either way, practically everyone whos viewed it so far has been beyond pleased. The opening record is currently held by the last Harry Potter, at $169.1 million, can Avengers top that? A plus for Avengers is 3D and IMAX, which will boost prices, and tracking is through the roof thanks to the internet and community hype, many analysts believe the record will be broken or come close. Also in ticket presales, The Avengers has sold more than Thor, Cap Am, and Iron Man 1 and 2- combined. Like whoa. I personally believe Avengers will break the record; my predicted opening is $173 million. Even if Avengers falls short of HP's record, Avengers will most certainly make a lot, lot more domestically. There are so many factors that suggest that the record will go down and this summer doesnt feature another superhero spectacle until July. Around 20 milion people could be watching Avengers in North America this weekend, and many millions more will be watching across the globe; this seems to be one of the must see movies of the summer and the year, so check it out! Avengers is PG13 and is 2hr 22 minutes. If you're a cinephile, as a bonus, new trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider Man will be attached! Dont miss the previews!


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