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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mega March Millions

     March is the best thing to happen to 2012 so far. March 2012 was the highest grossing and second highest most attended March ever; ever. Now a days, monthly records can easily be attained because of ticket price inflation, but attendance has still been decreasing. July 2011 is the highest grossing month of all time, but ranks #9 in attendance. 2011 also had the highest grossing May and September, but May ranks #7 in attendance, and September doesnt even rank in the top 10. 2012 is helping beat that trend. 
     February's attendance was ranked #4 and March is #2. March only needed 12 million more tickets to claim #1. Thanks John Carter and A Thousand Words. If 2012 continues on this blazing trend, itll be one of the most attended years since 2004. Thanks to the over-performances of The Hunger Games, The Lorax, Project X, 21 Jump Street, and decent performance of John Carter, and the late entry of Wrath of the Titans, March claimed the record. With Hunger Games still going strong, Wrath of the Titans, Titanic 3D and American Reunion opening this week, the April record has a possibility of being nabbed, but most April movies will have to exceed expectations. 2012 box office keeps on steam rolling, with the first quarter ranking fifth best ever; lets see if this year can keep it up!

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