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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'Thinking' Like a 'Lucky One'

     This weekend features two releases that include emerging stars; Kevin Hart in Think Like A Man and Zac Efron in The Lucky One. Both have been gaining in popularity everyday; can they attract audiences this weekend?  Kevin Hart is becoming a world famous comedian, he is one of my favorites; Kevin's voice alone makes many things he says funny, even if he's not trying to be. By what I've seen, a vast majority of people of who want to see Think Like A Man want to see it because of Kevin Hart. There's no doubt he will be the show stopper and scene stealer in this movie, and Screen Gems is noticing; all of the television spots and most of the trailer is mostly lines from Hart, theres even a whole television spot just about him. Think Like A Man will mostly cater and is aimed at African-American's, but Kevin Hart is known and fanned by multiple races, so will he help lure an even broader audience to the theater? 
     Zac Efron is adored by most females; ever since the High School Musical days, Zac Efron has been emerging in Hollywood. Now that his Disney days are over, hes been capturing broader projects. Hairspray, Charlie St. Cloud, New Years Eve, 17 Again, and even this year's Lorax. Hairspray had an ensamble cast, so 17 Again is really the only movie that you can say was a nice success because he was the lead. Will The Lucky One, also starring Taylor Schilling be the exception? Channing Tatum has proved to be a draw with the wild, unexpected success of The Vow, now its Efron's turn. The Lucky One is obviously geared toward females and many girls seem to be excited for this even though the hype isnt as high for this one as it was for The Vow. What if an unknown male was the lead in this instead of Efron, would that affect girls wanting to go see it? I say yes. 
     I feel both movies can do over $20 million for the weekend; I feel Hart and Efron will be influences. How well both movies do in the long run will depend on how well audiences like them, but for the weekend, both stars should be driving forces to get people into theater seats. Also, if you're a monkey lover, Chimpanzee is being released by Disney this weekend, I hope that made your day, chimp fan.

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