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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'Battleship' Brings Heat With New Trailer

     The new trailer for the potential summer blockbuster, Battleship, is here. No this is not Transformers 4 - thats two years away, but this trailer will surely make you think it is. Universal was pretty optimistic about this movie and gave it a huge, unheard of budget for a first movie, but if you like explosions, global mayhem and pandemonium, destruction, alien invasions, the Navy, Rihanna or Brookyln Decker, tropical forests, water, or money shots, then you'll absolutely love this trailer.
     I had doubts about this movie in the beginning as I felt Universal was just using the name of the board game to sell this, but after this new trailer I guess we will see.
     Check out Battleship when it docks into the US and Canada May 18, and April 11 thru May 18 worldwide. Here is the link for the new trailer. Enjoy.

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