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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reside on Jump Street. '21 Jump Street' Review

     You'll want to live on Jump Street after seeing this movie. When I say 21 Jump Street is a new favorite comedy, im serious. I felt 21 Jump Street was funnier than Hangover, which most people consider "one of the funniest movies ever."
     21 Jump Street stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as undercover cops Jenko and Schmidt, who head back to high school to find out who is supplying a new dangerous drug to students. The movie starts in 2005 showing their own high school years, and how they become friends at the police academy, then it cuts to present time. After being put on park duty, Jenko and Schmidt land their first bust, which is a bust since they could not read the Miranda rights. They end up at the 21 Jump Street precinct, a busted down precinct in an old church, which is ran by Ice Cube. Everyone there is assigned to a high school on a respective mission since they "still look young enough". They are given the fake identities of Doug and Brad, but after accidentally giving the principal the wrong identities, Jenko (Tatum) ends up with the nerds and Schmidt (Hill) ends up with the cool kids. They now have to stick with the mission and not let their new high school life of parties, cliques, and girls get the best of them.
     What I loved most about Jump Street was it's originality. It didn't need to be vulgar or offensive to be funny; most of the jokes are ones you've never heard before, and they all landed at all the right times; it never felt forced or rushed.
     One particular scene that has "video game characteristics" will most likely have you in tears. Each character had a roll that fit the plot, none of them were wasted characters; and they developed quite well, especially Jonah and Channing's characters.
     Jump Street should spend a long time in theaters and become an instant classic. The movie is rated R. 21 Jump Street 2 is also in the works. I give it a solid A.


  1. Too bad this movie won't be out here until May :(

  2. Best comedy of the year. It will be hard to top.