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Sunday, March 25, 2012

'Hunger Games' Slays 'Potter' and 'Twilight' - #3 All Time

     Hunger Games just keeps going higher and higher; Mount Everest high, Wiz Khalifa high, thermosphere high! The movie reaped in $152.5 million over the weekend! That is equal to around 19.7 million tickets.
     The opening ranks #3 all time; yes, all time. Even if you put in ticket price inflation, The Hunger Games still ranks in the top 5. That figure beats all the Twilight movies, and all of the Harry Potters except for the last, but since Deathly Hallows was in 3D and 3D tickets cost more, Hunger Games technically beat it in terms of attendance.
     The Hunger Games has set so many records- #3 highest opening all time, #1 opening for March, #1 for Spring, #1 for any movie released August-June, #1 opening for a non sequel- by $44 million dollars, #5 highest opening day, #3 highest midnights, #4 highest Friday, #2 highest Saturday, #2 fastest movie to $100 million, #1 highest Lionsgate movie- in just 2 days, and this weekend was the #9 busiest weekend ever, and #1 for March.
     In just 3 days, the movie is also the #2 highest grossing movie of the year so far. Hunger Games wouldn't have made these numbers without the fans, who seem to have came out of nowhere. I personally know many people who saw the movie and read the books just two weeks ago. I started reading three weeks ago.
     A surprising thing about this movie is that its literally catering to everybody. Adults made up a great percentage of the viewers, so that means Hunger Games is not just attracting teens, as initially thought. There are many people going for second and third viewings, and there is even some schools that are taking students on field trips to see the movie. That ensures big business; Lionsgate couldn't be happier; they are not doubt popping the champagne and jumping on their desks throwing papers in the air.
     Early on, Hunger Games was expected to open around $80 million; now it has done near double that. And since this is March and weekdays are particularly weak, next weekend has potential to be one of the best second weekends ever. If  Hunger Games can gain that many fans in months, its a scary thought to what Catching Fire will open to in November 2013. This is arguably one of the most impressive starts for a movie, ever. It seems the movie had a nice opening overseas as well. Happy Hunger Games!

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