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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hollywood R Us

     Battleship which hits theaters in May, is loosely based off the Battleship game, or is it? The board game Battleship had no aliens or Rihanna, so is the studio using the name to bring in money?
     A Monopoly movie is said to be in development, and now more details have emerged for a new Lego movie, and Adam Sandler is in talks for a Candy Land movie. Also discussed have been Rock Em, Sock Em, Robots, Angry Birds, Stretch Armstrong, and Hotwheels. Transformers is also based off of toys, but that series had actual characters, and Battleship doesn't.
     Alien attack movies have been performing decent over the years so can this theme get people to Battleship? Will some people even go just because it is called Battleship? Universal is smart because there will be people that do. And for these other films, can they be success movies just because they are success brands? Hopefully Toys R Us wont merge with Hollywood, but lets just say don't be surprised if you see a Kerplunk!, Mancala, or Bop-It movie real soon.

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