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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games Huge-r Than Expected

Katniss (Lawrence) and Peeta (Hutcherson)
     I knew the Hunger Games would be huge; I just didnt know how huge. Now I know. It is baffling; the Hunger Games made $19.74 million in Thursday night midnights showings! There were over 4000 sellouts countrywide; so many, some theaters created 3 am showings. My theater originally sold out Friday morning, but added more screens quickly to accommodate demand.
     This is the best midnight premiere for a non-sequel and #7 all time. Yesterday, The Hunger Games reaped in $68.25 million! Only 54 movies have opened higher than that, in an entire 3 day weekend. That is the fifth best opening day ever. If that Friday gross was counted as a whole weekend, Hunger Games would still have the 4th best March opening. The movie is now estimated to make between $130-$150 million this weekend, which would automatically place it in the top 6 openings. Initial estimates come out tomorrow and final figures are released on Monday; including international numbers.
     This not only impressive because this movie is not a sequel, but also because it seems The Hunger Games came out of nowhere, and it came fast. All the hoopla started when the movie was announced; many fans, including me, barely knew about the books over a year ago. My original plan was just to see that movie and not read the books, but I quickly changed mind and it was worth it. If Hunger Games is breaking records now, just imagine what records Catching Fire will set ablaze in November 2013. 
     The Hunger Games is set to break a few nice records; widest release for a non-sequel, biggest non-sequel opening weekend ever, biggest opening weekend for the month of March, biggest opening weekend for any movie not released in May, July, or November, fifth highest opening day, highest opening for Lionsgate, and highest grossing movie for Lionsgate- in just 2 days. Check back for more updates! Also leave any comments for your views about the movie!

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