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Sunday, March 11, 2012

'John Carter' Weak in America, But Strong Overseas

     This weekend, John Carter, the latest from Disney, debuted to $30 million. #2 behind the Lorax. This opening is considered passable, but not extraordinary. Early on JC was predicated to open to $50 million plus. As the weeks went by, that opening number started fall with analysts. The biggest concern was John Carters budget, which is reportedly around $250 million. 
     It looked like Disney was about to lose out, until international numbers came in. John Carter debuted to $70 million overseas this weekend, which puts its worldwide opening at $100 million. John Carter shouldn't be a huge lost for Disney now, as 3D is still extremely popular overseas. John Carter should not have many problems finding audiences outside of the US and Canada over the next few weeks.

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