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Monday, March 12, 2012

'Hunger Games' Is So Far So Good

     Early buzz for The Hunger Games has so far been pretty positive. Select critics were invited to preview press screenings; they were not allowed to give out spoiling information or full reviews, but they were able to post a small summary of their experience. Most critics went to Twitter. Some posts stated, "I loved The Hunger Games, it really captured what I loved in the book", "The Hunger Games is a really terrific sci-fi film that even non fans will like", "Jennifer Lawrence is terrific. She totally grounds the film; you'll love her as Katniss", "Completely surprised by The Hunger Games; Loved it. Dark and exciting; another amazing performance from J Lawrence" and "I think the film really nails the tone of the book." 
     Obviously if you are a "Hunger Games" fan, that is exciting news that the movie is staying true to the novel. The movie is just two weeks from a worldwide release in 32 countries. If the critic and fan reviews are still this positive by then, then The Hunger Games is no doubt going to become an even bigger worldwide phenomenon. The Hunger Games is rated PG-13. Info from /

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